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Monday, 15-Oct-2007 05:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Eid-ul-Fitr 2007, Shibuya, Tokyo.... Oct. 13, 2007

Baju raya mama sent me!!
with my cool kohai, Shahnaz
my laid-back kohai, Haniza
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As I set my foot in the embassy, my eyes anxiously examining every face in crowds full of cheerful people, silently wishing for faces that I'm familiar with to appear. Where are my friends? They did promise to come....

And suddenly, somebody tapped my shoulder from back..' Hey! Selamat Hari Raya! Maaf Zahir & Batin! ' Oh, it's Kak Maa!!....and then, there's Een! And Kak Jannah and her husband Mon too!!

Thank you, God...Thanks soo much they're here. The faces that have been keeping me sane all these years, especially during my final years in Japan, are right now in front of me. Just to know they're beside me have been giving me courage and confidence no one ever managed to give. Just like magic, yes, it's like magic..

And yes, not very long after that, I met other friends too, the remains of RPKJ batch 19. It's very nice to meet all of you once've really made my day. Thanks a lot guys.. Maaf Zahir & Batin to you all..

After six years, this year's Eid will be my last Eid in Japan, InsyaAllah. Finally, I'm going back home. I need to go back home. I just can't stand the emptiness and loneliness anymore. I might go to other places again, for nobody knows 'bout the future, but what I really know right now is, I wanna go back home. To be wrapped in the warmth of my family once again. To enjoy the sweet smell of home. And to feel safe in a place called home.

"Another aeroplane
Another sunny place
I'm lucky I know
But I wanna go home
I've got to go home...."
Michael Buble - Home-

Sunday, 1-Apr-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Di Ranah Minang, Bukit Tinggi-Padang,Indonesia, March 15-18,2007

My first time with AirAsia.. Long live no frills flights!!!
cute...'small room'?
Nami and mama
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Visited 'Ranah Minang'( in Minangkabau Language, meaning ' Tanah Minang' in BM ) with my parents and my youngest brother, just a week after the most recent earthquake which struck off West Sumatera Province. Well, it was kinda 'going back to the root' kind of visit since my ancestors were Minangkabau, both from mama and ayah's sides. So, what can I say, breathtaking sceneries, delicious food, affordable goods...mama shopped like mad! But then, as I myself managed to buy 2 pairs of very cute shoes, I just couldn't say I wasn't satisfied at all even though I still have lots of Indonesian Rupiahs with me when I returned to Malaysia.

Saturday, 31-Mar-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Aernie's Wedding,March 11, 2007.

Aernie's getting ready for her big day
Gorgeous Aernie gleaming with happiness
me and Aernie
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I've never returned to Perlis since I finished primary school and then moved to another state. I've never met my x-classmates again since then except a girl name Afni, where we went to the same boarding school; just for one month, to be exact; because after that I went to another boarding school - the Mara Junior Science College ( MRSM ). 5 years later, we met again at Kuala Pilah Matriculation Centre, and once again, after 5 months of studying together , I walked away from her, and went to Japan. I still remember her last words, when I went to her room to say what other people usually say - good-byes, till we meet again, bla-bla, Afni said " You're a nomad, Azreena. You never be in one place for a long time. And it seems like you'll always leave me behind, no matter how hard I try to track you down. But it's all right, that's what I like about you. Good luck then." When I think about that, yes, I'm kinda nomad in my very own way. 4 primary schools, 2 secondary schools. And not to mention about my siblings. Well, my family moved a lot, that explains why.
So, after almost 13 years, I returned to Perlis to attend one of my x-classmates' wedding. Aernie's wedding. Sweet Aernie, for inviting me to her wedding. Kinda flattered. And since I was in Malaysia at that time, I decided to attend her wedding. ( She was REAL GORGEOUS!!!! )
Secretly, I kinda hoped to meet lots of old friends, but well, seems like everybody's busy at that time. Maybe next time. Maybe one day in the future, there will be a reunion for x-6 Harmoni students, and maybe, maybe at that time, everybody will be there, and we will talk, laugh, and maybe even cry about the past. Till that day...

Saturday, 26-Aug-2006 12:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A trip to Kansai region- Wakayama, Kyoto, Osaka. August 2006

Grape picking at Wakayama
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A day after climbing the sacred Mount Fuji, I decided to go and visit my friends who live in the Kansai region ( west Honshu ). THANK GOD I didn't suffer from muscle pain!! Stayed at Tuty's apartment, all three of us ( oh yes, Een's there too ) went grape-picking at a grape farm. We were lucky because Tuty knows the owner of the farm- we ate as much as we wanted, plus bringing some grapes ( and peaches ) back home for free.. YUMMY!!!!

We went for a sightseeing at Kyoto and Osaka too. Actually, just to visit some places that we've missed during the first time we went there, and to do window shopping ..

Hey, what else 'bout girls if not shopping?

Monday, 21-Aug-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Climbing Mount Fuji expedition, August 14-15, 2006

at the car-park, b4 started ascending
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It's my second time actually - I've climbed Mount Fuji once when I was a freshman. But this time I climbed with my lab seniors and a junior- all six of us, Suzuki-san ( D3 ), Asami-san and Hata-san ( both graduated last march, currently working in the R&D departments at giant companies-Honda and Toyota..talking 'bout those brainy people*sigh*..), and my B4 junior, Miyoshi-kun. We spent one night a the 8th station before continue climbing to the top, and to view the ' Goraiko' ( sunrise ).

It was damn fun, really it was. I even plan to climb Fujisan again next year

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